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CyberLink PhotoDirector Help

Navigation: Edit > Using the Layer Tools

Pick and Move Tool

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In the Edit window, click the button on the right side of the window to move, rotate, or resize photos, shapes, and text on the editing canvas.

Note: when using this tool, be sure to enable the available snap features in Layers Preferences for assistance when resizing and moving photos/text/shapes/etc. on the editing canvas.

You can also use the pick and move tool to distort/change the shape of photos. There are two transform modes available when using this tool.

Note: when the Auto select option is enabled, PhotoDirector selects the top layer where the mouse is when you click in the editing canvas. Deselecting this option will let you select the layer that is active in the Layer Manager.

Scale Transformation

Click to move, resize, or manually rotate the selected layer (photos, shapes, and text). When clicked, selection nodes appear around the object on the selected layer.

To move the object, just hover your mouse over it. When your cursor turns into the hand, click and move the object to a new location on the editing canvas.

To resize the object, click and drag any of the selection nodes.

To rotate the object, hover your mouse close to any of the selection nodes. When your cursor turns into a curved arrow, click and drag on the editing canvas to rotate the object.

Distort Transformation

Click to distort or change the shape of a selected photo layer. When clicked, distort nodes appear on the corners of the selected photo layer.

Click and drag the distort nodes to change the shape of the selected photo layer as required.

Click to save the changes and set the changed photo shape.


You can align two or more photos/text/shapes/etc. on the editing canvas by clicking and dragging your mouse to select them, and then choosing one of the six available align options.


You can distribute three or more photos/text/shapes/etc. across the editing canvas by clicking and dragging your mouse to select them, and then choosing one of the two distribute options.