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CyberLink PhotoDirector Help

The text tool lets you add text on your photo creation.

Note: if you try to add text onto a photo layer, CyberLink PhotoDirector automatically creates a new layer in the Layer Manager.

To use the text tool, do this:

Note: once you add text on the editing canvas, you can use the Pick and Move Tool to move, resize, or rotate it.

1.In the Edit window, click on the button on the right side of the window to open the Text panel.

2.Click on the editing canvas to add a text box.

Note: when adding a text box to a layer, you can use grid lines for precise placement and alignment.

3.If required, you can first resize the text box to fit the text you want to enter.

4.Set the text properties, including the font face, size, alignment, adjust the line and character spacing, and enable kerning if required. You can click on the colored square to set the color of the text. You can select one of the basic colors or enter the color's HSB, RGB, or hex (#) color code in the fields provided. You can also hover your mouse over the background photo to select a specific color with the eye dropper. Once you set the color, click OK to close the Color Picker window.

5.Enter the required text in the text box.

6.If required, select the Border option to add a border to the text. Once selected, choose the Color and then use the slider to see the Size of the border.

7.If required, select the Shadow option to apply a drop shadow to text. Once selected, choose the Color of the shadow, and then use the Offset slider to set how far it is from the text.

Note: you can apply more advanced borders and shadows on a text layer in Layer Properties.

8.If required, select Warp Text from the Text Effect option to apply effects to text. Once selected, choose an effect Style from the drop-down.

Once you set the text, you can click on the text layer in the layer manager to enable the editing options, or if you want to move it to another position on the editing canvas.