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CyberLink PhotoDirector Help

The fill tool lets you fill in with color an area on your photo that has pixels of a similar color.

Note: if you try to use the fill tool on a non photo layer, CyberLink PhotoDirector will ask you to convert the layer to an image to continue.

To use the fill tool, do this:

1.In the Edit window, select the layer in the Layer Manager you want to use the fill tool on.

2.Click on the button on the right side of the window to open the Fill panel.

3.Click on the Color square to set the color you want to use. You can select one of the basic colors or enter the color's HSB, RGB, or hex (#) color code in the fields provided. You can also hover your mouse over the background photo to select a specific color with the eye dropper. Once you set the color, click OK to close the Color Picker window.

4.Select a Blending mode from the drop-down to set how the filled in color is blended with the background layers. See Blending Layers for more information about blending layers and a description of each blending mode.

5.Use the Tolerance slider to set how the color is filled in. The lower the tolerance, the less affected the nearby pixels are to the fill. The higher the tolerance, the surrounding pixels are more affected by the fill.

6.Use the Opacity slider to set the opacity level of the filled in color.

7.Select the Contiguous option if you only want the color filled in the adjacent pixels, i.e. the pixels of similar color that are in contact with the pixel you select. If this option is not selected, CyberLink PhotoDirector will fill all pixels that are similar in color to the pixel you select.

8.Click on the similar colored pixels to fill them in as required.

Note: you can also use the fill tool in an area selected with the select area tool. For the best results, ensure the Feather value is not set too high.