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CyberLink PowerDirector Help

Click the button open the Playback Mode Settings window and set how the disc plays back any scenes/titles that are on your disc.

Note: disc playback mode determines how the titles/scenes (videos and projects added on the Content tab) play back on your disc, not the chapters contained within each title/scenes. If your disc only has one title on it, the settings for disc playback mode have no affect on the burned disc.

In the Playback Mode Settings window you can set the following:

choose from one of the three available playback modes based on the available descriptions. Your disc will follow the selected behavior when inserted or play is pressed on your disc player.

Auto menu time out: select this option if you want the disc content to play automatically when you insert the disc into a disc player. When selected, your content plays automatically after displaying the disc menu for the specified duration. If you do not select this option, your menu loops endlessly until you press the play button on your disc player.

Duration: enter in the duration the content (background video, background music, etc.) in your disc menu is displayed. The minimum duration allowed is 10 seconds, while your disc can be up to 99 seconds long before it loops back to the beginning.

Note: the duration you enter is also the length of your menu's background music, even if the selected music file's length is longer than the duration specified.