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CyberLink PowerDirector Help

Below is a list of some of the latest features within the CyberLink PowerDirector program.

Auto remove the background of imported product images in the Ad Designer**.

Use the auto object selection tool to automatically select primary objects in images in the Brush Mask Designer*.

Utilize the smart brush to auto select similar pixels when creating a brush mask in the Brush Mask Designer*.

Adjust color look-up table intensity with the added Strength* slider.

Produce just a selected range* of your project in the Produce window.

Select any color on your computer's screen with the new color picker*.

Streamline overlay (PiP) and particle effect editing in the PiP Object/Particle Designer's Express* mode.

Use GPU switching to select the preferred GPU during video production.

Add the effects and templates you use most to the My Favorites* tag for quicker access.

Select where new audio clips from voice overs recordings are recorded to.

Change position of anchor point on media clips/title text for greater control over rotation, scaling, and more.

Create vertex selection masks on your videos or use the linear and parallel masks to make more powerful masking effects.

Add more precise control to your PiP/title keyframe effects with a choice of linear or hold keyframes.

Use the Ad Designer** to quickly and easily create promotional videos.

Utilize motion graphic titles in the Ad Designer** for more professional looking title sequences in your promotional videos.

Edit sketch animation templates in the Sketch Designer to create perfect graphic objects for tutorials and other videos.

Customize the Color Match changes for more controllable color correcting.

Add volume keyframes while mixing audio in the enhanced Audio Mixing room.

Export an entire PowerDirector project to AudioDirector's Mix Room for advanced editing and mixing.

Utilize the Title Reveal Mask feature for more creative title text animation.

Import 8K Videos with the support of an AMD VCN2.0 GPU.

Encode AAC 5.1ch audio with MKV and MP4 files.

Modify the graphics colors of motion graphics titles.

Attach shapes created in the Shape Designer in Motion Tracker.

Export SRT subtitle files with or without SubRip style formatting.

Adds priority customer support feature within program.

Note: * this feature is currently only available in the subscription version of CyberLink PowerDirector. ** this feature is only available in PowerDirector 365 Business.