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Using a Video Template

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Video templates are pre-designed project templates that will help you speed up the editing process. Note the names of the video templates, as some are designed with a specific theme in mind (sports, wedding, travel, etc.) and to be at the opening, middle, or end of projects.

To access the video templates, select Video Templates from the Plugins menu.

Note: you can also access the library of video templates at any time by clicking the button to enter the Project Room.

To use an video template, just select it in the media library and then drag and drop it on the timeline. You can also insert the video template anywhere within a current project, by dragging and dropping it to the desired position on the timeline. Video templates can be added to the timeline in the exact same way as media clips. See Adding Media to the Workspace for detailed information on adding content to the timeline.

Note: you can also reuse old PowerDirector projects you created. See Reusing PowerDirector Projects for more information.

Once the video template is in the timeline, simply replace the media placeholders in the template with the media content you want to use in your new production. To do this, just drag the media clips to the desired media placeholders on the timeline (which are indicated by the numbers on their thumbnails). Hover over the media placeholder until the clip fits within the placeholder length as shown below. This is done by hovering the hand icon over the media placeholder where you want the clip to be.

Doing this replaces the media placeholders with the content you want to add, without changing the structure of the video template. Continue this process until all the media placeholders have been filled. Once you are done, you can continue to edit the project like any other project, including the effects and transitions that have been included in the video template.