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Applying Color Look-up Tables

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Click the button to open the Effect Room and then click the Color LUT tag to use color look-up tables (CLUT) to transform the range of colors in a video clip to another range. Doing this can completely change the color scheme of the video, and ensure all your video clips have the same look.

You can search for and download color look-up tables in a variety of formats (3DL, CSP, CUBE, M3D, MGA, RV3DLUT, VF), and then click in the Effect Room to import and use them in your CyberLink PowerDirector projects.

To apply a color look-up table, do this:

Note: only one color look-up table can be applied to a media clip at a time.

1.Click the button to open the Effect Room.

2.Select the video clip in the timeline you want to apply the color look-up table on.

3.Select the Color LUT tag to view all the available color look-up tables in the Effect Room.

4.Drag and drop one of the color look-up tables onto the selected clip to apply it.

5.Once applied, ensure the clip is still selected and then click the Effect button above the timeline to enter the Effect Settings panel.

6.Use the Strength slider to adjust the intensity of the applied color look-up table.

Note: to remove an applied color look-up table from a video clip, select the clip in the timeline, click the Effect button, and then deselect the color look-up table name in the Effect Settings panel.