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Applying Overlay Blending Effects

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Click the button to open the Effect Room and then click the Blending Effect tag to blend a selected clip with a blending effect template to create a unique looking overlay effect in your video.

Note: you can click the Free Templates button to download more blending effect templates from DirectorZone.

To apply an overlay blending effect, do this:

1.Click the button to open the Effect Room.

2.Select the video clip in the timeline you want to apply the blending effect on.

3.Select the Blending Effect tag to view all the available blending effects in the Effect Room.

4.Drag and drop one of the blending effects onto the selected clip to apply it. The blending effect template is added below the clip in the timeline.

Once the blending effect template is on the timeline, you can trim it so that it is only applied to a portion of the video clip. You can also select the blending effect template and then click Tools > PiP Designer to adjust its opacity and blending mode in object settings, and much more.