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CyberLink PowerDirector Help

Click to gain access to the audio mixer in the Audio Mixing Room, to set the audio level for each track using the available controls.

A - Audio Tracks in Timeline

B - Master Volume Controls

C - Fade In/Out Controls

D - Add Volume Keyframes

E - Audio Level Meter

F - Master Gain Control

When you enter the Audio Mixing Room, the audio at the current position of the timeline slider is available for mixing. Use the player controls to locate the position in your video where you want to mix the audio.

To mix the audio in the timeline, do this:

select a clip in the timeline, and then use the master volume controls to increase or decrease the volume at the timeline slider's current position.

Note: adjusting the master volume control adds a volume keyframe at the timeline slider's current position. If you want to adjust the volume for the entire duration of a clip, you can do that in-track or use the master gain control to adjust the volume of an entire track.

click for an audio track to manually add a volume keyframe at the current timeline slider position on the timeline. Drag the master volume control up to increase the volume, or down to decrease the volume at that keyframe position. See Using Volume Keyframes to Mix Audio Level for more information.

if there is more than one audio clip on any of the audio tracks, click the Normalize* button to have CyberLink PowerDirector set the volume for all the clips to the same level.

Note: * optional feature in CyberLink PowerDirector. Check the version table on our web site for detailed versioning information.

use the master gain control sliders to increase or decrease the volume of all the media on a track.

use the audio level meter to view the audio level, or loudness in decibels, during playback. If the audio levels rise to the red levels, you can adjust the master volume to lower the audio level.

Note: if audio in a clip enters the red level of the audio level meter, CyberLink PowerDirector marks the area on the timeline in red. Use the master volume controls and audio level meter to fix the problem area as required.