TV Shows

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TV Shows

Click on the TV Shows tab to set what folders CyberLink PowerDVD imports TV shows from. TV shows are video files recorded with a PVR and saved on your computer's hard drive and connected network devices.

The TV shows in the folders you specify are imported into the TV Shows section of the media library. See Movies/TV in the Media Library for more information.

TV show library

In the TV show library list are the folders that CyberLink PowerDVD imports supported TV shows from. See Supported Movie File/TV Show Formats for a list of the supported file formats.

Note: these folders are continuously scanned for new media, so if you add or remove media from them, the PowerDVD media library is updated automatically.

To add folders to the TV show library, do this:

1.Click the Add TV Show Folder button.

2.Browse to the folder you want to add. The folders can be on your computer's hard drive or on a connected network device.

3.Click the Select Folder button to add it to the list.

4.Repeat the above steps to add more folders if necessary.

5.If required, select the Ignore videos that are under option and enter a duration in minutes in the field provided. This will help to filter out shorter home or other videos you may not want in your TV show library.

6.If required, select the Show disconnected media option if you want to see TV shows on disconnected network devices in the media library.

7.Once you are done adding folders, click OK to close the Media Library preferences window. CyberLink PowerDVD will scan the folder and import all the supported movie files.

Note: if you want to remove a folder from the TV show library, hover your mouse over the folder in the list and then select .

Organizing TV Shows

For easing browsing, TV shows are organized by series and season. CyberLink PowerDVD does this automatically based on the TV show file and folder names. For best results, ensure the TV show file and folder names are as follows:

the TV show name should be in either the file name or in the name of the file's parent folder.

where "XX" indicates the season number, it should be in either the file name as "SXX", or as "Season XX" the file's parent folder.

where "YY" indicates the episode number, it should be in either the file name as "YY" or "EYY".

Naming Examples

The following are some examples of how you can organize your TV shows so that they are organized properly in the TV show library:

Top Folder Name

Subfolder Name

File Name

TV Shows


The.PowerDVD.Show.S01E01.MP4, The.PowerDVD.Show.S01E02.MP4, The.PowerDVD.Show.S02E01.MP4, ...

TV Shows

The PowerDVD Show

S01E01.MP4, S01E02.MP4, S02E01.MP4, ...

The PowerDVD Show

Season 1

E01.MP4, S01E02.MP4, ...

The PowerDVD Show

Season 1

01.MP4, 02.MP4, ...

Note: if there is additional text in the file name between the episode number and file extension, it will be ignored and not displayed in the TV show library.